Pachmarhi – Picturesque Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh

One of the popular hill stations or probably the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi is a mesmerizing verdant undulating region, absolutely perfect location for weekend getaway.  Located in a valley of Satpura Range at a height of 1000 metre, Pachmarhi is also popularly known as ‘Satpura ki Rani’ (Queen of  Satpura) due to its immense beauty.  Apart from being a lush green picturesque location, Pachmarhi is also known for its historical magnificence.  This tourist destination brags off eye-pleasing rock paintings that depicts the era of 500-800 AD.  You can see architectural edifices of colonial period.  The structures are well-maintained and still look glorious. Most of the heritage buildings are now transformed into reputed hotels for tourists. During the British period, Pachmarhi was set up as a summer retreat.

The striking waterfall, interesting adventure activities, trekking spots, heritage buildings and temples, wide-spreads of greenery,  Pachmarhi is an awesome holiday destination that offers amalgamation of archeological and nature wonders.

Places to visit in Pachmarhi:


Dhoopgarh, the highest point in Satpura Ranges is popular for viewing the scenic sunrise and sunset.  During night you can also see the glittering city light which is breathtaking. The lush green spreads make the sight more attractive. You can reach on top either by road or by trekking.

Prapat (Big Falls):

If you are looking for an adventurous trip then Prapat is where you need to be.  Just 10 minutes walk on the rocky path to Rajat Prapat will make the visit adventurous. The big falls come down from more than 2800 feet which looks like silver streak that is why this place is also known as Silver falls.

Mahadeo Caves:

The divine and serene Mahadeo Caves boast Lord Shiva’s shrine. The Shivlinga present here looks heavenly. One can also see some interest cave paintings and fresh water dripping in this tourist spot.


The second highest peak in Satpura Ranges, Chauragarh  is just 4kms from Mahadeo caves. On the top of peak, there is a divine abode of Lord Shiva.  There is also a historical fort built by the King of Gond Dynasty.

Pandav Caves:

According to the legendary story, Pandav Caves provided shelter to the 5 Pandavs (from Mahabharata mythology).  The name Pachmarhi is derived from these caves. The caves now appear as monument and an admired tourist attraction.

Satpura National Park:

After nature and historical visit, what about spending some time with the amazing wildlife? You can see evergreen dense forests filled with sandal, teak and bamboo trees and fascinating views of waterfall, deep valley and soaring mountains. The National Park is home to many animals like leopard, tiger, 4-horn deer, bison, blue bull and variety of attractive birds.

When to visit Pachmarhi?

Pachmarhi is an amazing hill station which can be visited all round the year. However the best time to visit this holiday destination is between October and March. The weather is just perfect for retreat.

How to reach?

Pachmarhi is well linked with major cities of Madhya Pradesh like Chhindwara , Bhopal,  Jabalpur and Indore. The hill station is 135 kms from Chhindwara.  You can take a bus from Bhopal, Chhindwara, Babai, Pipariya to reach Pachmarhi.

Pipariya, Jabalpur and Bhopal are nearest railway stations while Jablapur, Bhopal and Nagpur are nearest airports to reach Pachmarhi.

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