Explore the Unexplored World of Patalkot

As soon as the clock strikes 4 pm, the village transforms into darkness, no sunlight reaches the depth of the mystical valley of Patalkot after few hours past noon. Sounds intriguing, isn’t it?  A small village of Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh, Patalkot is a hidden scenic tourist destination where you can witness mesmerizing landscapes and the little-known adivasi (tribal) culture.  The enchanting village is located around 3,000 feet above mean sea level and is completely alien to the urbanized world, that’s the main reason why you can find here so much greenery and serenity.

Patalkot is usually described as a horse-shoe shaped valley and there is also a mythological tale associated with this village name.  The name is derived from Sankrit word ‘patal’ which means very deep.  According to the belief, Ravana’s son, Prince Meghnath after worshipping Lord Shiva went to ‘patal lok ‘ through this village.

The tribals dwelling in this untouched land, live harmoniously and are gradually uplifting their lifestyle, however they are totally cut off from the current urbanization. The place was completely hidden, few decades ago but due to some travelling enthusiasts and efforts of numerous government administrations, the out of sight valley has now become one of the gripping sightseeing spots in Madhya Pradesh.

When you visit this mystical Patalkot, you can see wall paintings and slogans painted on the walls, along the way to the valley that highlights the importance of eco-system and conservation of nature. It is truly a good way to spread the awareness.

Apart from the picturesque views and tribal culture, Patalkot is also home of few rare and effective medicinal herbs.  The tribes here have medical treatment and ailments for many illnesses which has majorly helped them in their existence. They use the effective plants and herbs present in the forest to cure their poor health conditions. Few people who visited the forest in past had cut down the village to easily access the useful herbs as they saw potential profit can be made out of these medicinal plants.

There is also a small museum called Badal Bhoi State Tribal Museum which showcases tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, their way of living, traditional festivals, ornaments, clothes, musical instruments in form of paintings and artifacts that are shaped by the tribal artists.

Best time to visit Patalkot:

The small valley looks fascinating throughout the year due its rich geographical and panoramic beauty; however the best time to visit Patalkot is during monsoon. The deep gorge looks breathtaking in rains. Early winter is also ideal for travelling down the village.

How to reach the underwold?

Patalkot is located in the hilly region of Tamia. It is around 78-80 kms. away from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh. The best way to reach the valley via Chhindwara is through taxi or hiring a car.

Accommodation facilities:

Since the village is located deep down and is less-known, there are no accommodation facilities in the valley. You can stay in Tamia which is around 20 kms away.  You can stay there at PWD or forest guest house. If you are seeking for some adventure or want to experience tribal living, you can set your tents in the valley and enjoy camping.

Madhya Pradesh is a great state for tourism. Patalkot, though is an unmapped tourist destination, it can be a great fun to visit the deep down beautiful village.


  1. We are from Kolkata , do like to visit Patalkot in end Jan’16 or Mid Feb’16 . We do like to travel by Mumbai Mail via Allhabad.
    Please advise which one will be the nearest Railway Station whether Pipariya or Itarsi .

    • Hello Pradip,

      If you are traveling by Kolkata Mumbai Mail via Allahabad then Pipariya is nearest railway station from Patalkot via road.

      It is also better choice to stop by as it is near to Pachmarhi also. You can start nature exploration from Pachmarhi only hill station of MP. Go and see Pachmarhi’s natural beauty. On Tamia/Patalkot road you can also take a small break at hot water spring Anhoni.

  2. Hello,

    How safe is to visit patal kot as a solo traveller?
    If I wish to stay there for a day or two, with my tent, is it okey?

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