How to Obtain Ration Card in Madhya Pradesh?

It is the era where groceries are purchased online, instead of standing is long queues however the significance of ration card has still not expired. Though the citizens of India do not widely use ratio cards for grocery buying, it still serves as an important document that can be attached as address proof for electricity bills, bank passbook, gas bill and also passport.  There are other substitutes available now like Aadhar card or Smart card but having your ration card can be handy for proving your Indian citizenship.

Earlier it was complicated to obtain new ration card or to get another, in case of lost ration card but now the Government of Madhya Pradesh have improvised and accelerated the process of obtaining ration cards in the state.

Ration card is held as an important document for purchase of daily needs like rice, wheat, grains, pulses, oil and kerosene at lower price.  The rates are as low as wheat Re. 1 per kg, rice Rs. 2 per kg etc.  Thus ration card is essential as well as helpful for citizens below poverty line whereas Indian citizens above poverty line can use the ration card as identity proof for issuing voter’s card, LPG gas connection, passport, domicile certificate etc.

Types of Ration Cards in Madhya Pradesh:

Ration cards are issued to Indian citizens on the basis of their annual income.

  • BPL ration cards: BPL stands for Below Poverty Line. This ration card is for citizens whose annual income is below Rs. 10,000
  • APL ration cards: APL stands for Above Poverty Line. This ration card is for citizens whose annual income is more than Rs. 10,000
  • AYY ration cards: AYY stands for Antyodaya. This ration card is for extremely poor citizens who do not have a stable income

AYY and BPL ration cards are issued by the respective location’s collectors.

Who can apply for ration card in Madhya Pradesh?

  • Citizens who do not possess ration card
  • Newly married couple living in the state
  • Citizens belonging to Economically Weaker Section
  • Citizens whose ration card is temporary or has expired

Document and information required for applying for ration card:

  • Address proof of residents like electricity bill, water bill, tax paid receipt, phone bill
  • Identity proof like PAN card, voter id, bank passbook
  • Detailed residential address
  • Total number of family members
  • Annual income of citizen
  • Contact details
  • Citizen family details like of parents, spouse (if married), children (if any)

How to apply for ration card in Madhya Pradesh?

  • Citizens who want to apply for ration card can visit Jan Seva Kendra, located in all districts of the state. They need to collect the form and can take the help from the staff in the office for filling and submitting the form.
  • After the form is filled, attach the above mentioned documents (attested copy) or original, whatever is required
  • Submit the form in the office
  • The applicant will receive an acknowledgement slip on which date and time will be mentioned which indicates when their new ration card will be issued

Applicants can also check for their ration card status online at

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