How to Check Online Land Records in Chhindwara?

Formed on 1st November 1956, one of the biggest towns in Satpura range, Chhindwara district is located in Madhya Pradesh.  The place is covered with lush greenery and is rich in flora and fauna. It boasts maximum tribal population. This district covers 3.85% area of MP state. Chhindwara consists of 13 tehsils, 11 development blocks, 7 Nagar Palikas and 9 Nagar Panchayats.  Chhindwara is said to be one of the rapidly flourishing cities in Madhya Pradesh.

Like other states, acquiring land records in Madhya Pradesh has also become quick and easy due to online process. If you live in Chhindwara and are looking for land records then check out the computerized technique. You can simply search and click on Chhindwara district from the Madhya Pradesh map displayed on the home page of Madhya Pradesh revenue department’s official website.

Land record or land ownership paper is an essential document especially in the agricultural economy. In Chhindwara, land records are also known as Bhuabhilekh, Bhulekh, Bhu Naksha or Khasra Khata Khatauni.

Usually acquiring land record becomes an uphill struggle as the land owner has to make several visits to the land revenue office, sometimes stand in long queue and eventually waste his valuable time and money. Hence the government of Madhya Pradesh has eased the process by creating huge database of land records in our country. All the land records are converted into computerized format which means the land owners can conveniently obtain the documents without wasting their time, money as well as energy.  These online records are updated on regular basis and also due to automatic weekly backup facility, there is no fear of data loss. The land records are stored and maintained securely.

The automated land records stores total land related details like type of land, Land area, owner of plot, crop, irrigation, revenue, occupancy, collection and all such data. The data can be retrieved, modified and changed.

 Process to check online land records – Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh:

  • Visit the official website
  • On the homepage of the website, you can see Madhya Pradesh map. Now select the district, for example – Chhindwara
  • Another page will open where you can select the tehsil name
  • After selecting the tehsil, you will be asked to select the village (Halka) of which you want to obtain the land records
  • Next, you need to choose the year of which you need the record. Along with it, you will get many other options to search the records more easily. The options are:
  • Khasra with name : search by land owner name
  • Khasra with number : Search by property’s khasra number
  • Khatauni kishtbandi: Choose Khasra number from the provided list
  • Search by type of land
  • Crop details
  • Report as per location

After following the above steps, you can view your land record with complete details. You can also download the land record in PDF, word or any other suitable format.

For more convenience of the land owner, the site and its information is available in Hindi (you can also translate it in English)

The computer copy which you acquire online can only be used to check the information; however it cannot serve for official or legal purpose.  In order to use the record for official purpose, contact your area Tehsildar or department officer.

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